Life Goals with Theo Delaney - Angus Loughran

Theo Delaney’s guest is journalist and broadcaster Angus Loughran, also known as Statto from his time on Baddiel and Skinners Fantasy Football show in the 90s. A self confessed sports obsessive it's fair to say that he has attended more live matches than pretty much any else but two years ago he suffered a sever stroke leaving him unable to speak for the first six months of his recovery. Now much better, this podcast is the first time he has spoken publicly. It almost goes without saying that all of the eight iconic goals he has chosen were witnessed by Angus in person.@angusstatto@LifeGoalsTD @theodelaney

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Every football fan knows it's the goals that really stay with you such is their juddering emotional impact. In Life Goals well known football fanatics re -live the eight defining goals of their lives with host Theo Delaney and reflect on what was happening at the time as it all comes flooding back. Like a good football match it veers from the poignant to the euphoric