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Courtney Kerr

A woman who (almost) needs no introduction, and one of Amber’s closest friends, Courtney first rose to fame on a Dallas-based reality show and has since built an entire brand: KERRently. Known and loved for being unapologetically herself, Courtney is as authentic as she is fabulous.Follow Courtney @kerrently by downloading the App for Apple or Google PlayEpisode featuring music by Dallas artist, LEV See for privacy and opt-out information.

Om Podcasten

In 2011, Amber Venz Box and her co-founder, Baxter Box, began pioneering what today is known as the influencer industry. Their company, rewardStyle, is the largest influencer platform in the world, with 250 employees across 7 offices, empowering 45,000 influencers worldwide to provide for themselves and their families through their unique abilities to create content and connect with online audiences.For as many influencers featured in this podcast, there are tens of thousands more all over the world who have unique journeys that they share in the app every day and millions more who are just embarking on this path. Together, these influencers have created a new industry—and a new way to look at careers and entrepreneurship—while providing us, their followers, with a new way of curating a beautiful life that is more convenient, accessible, authentic, and inviting than ever before.In listening to this podcast, we hope you find your people—the ones with backgrounds, circumstances, and dreams just like you— and that their stories empower you on your journey.Download the app on Google Play and the App Store. See for privacy and opt-out information.