In which Liz has a very dirty weekend

This week’s themes are breakup songs and Liz hates everybody. She and Nic discuss the books they’ve been reading this week. Nic recounts a traumatic experience from when she was a young girl and Liz realises she actually feels quite sorry for Meghan Markle. Plus, a listener thinks Liz should keep her philanderous escapades out of the ears of impressionable women. Click the link below to sponsor Nic in her 5 day fast to raise money for Animal Hope Uganda! Nic's PayPal Donation Link Animal Hope Uganda's WebsiteSee for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

For 20 years she’s been Britain’s most unfiltered columnist. Now Liz Jones has an equally outrageous podcast as she and her best friend Nic dissect her weekly diary and delve into the archives to relive the bust-ups, betrayals…and bullets