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Episode 4 with Homer Murray

av Magical Moments with Jill Lindsey | Publicerades 5/24/2021

On this episode of Magical Moments Jill interviews Homer Murray who is a restauranteur and has a magical universe.  Homer has two restaurants, 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn and Hombre Taco in Rockefeller Center. Jill and Homer met when they opened their Rockefeller Center businesses and share the magical moments of Homers amazing life! In 2012, next to the newly reopened Transmitter Park, by the (then) quiet waterfront in Greenpoint, Homer Murray built out the space that would become 21 Greenpoint. As a native New Yorker with deep familial connections to Chicago, Homer grew up experiencing many different traditional styles of cuisine and street food. After traveling extensively for work as a photo assistant he came back to New York full time and immersed himself in the restaurant world of early 2000’s Brooklyn. Through his varied experience, and passion for a good time, Homer has created a space and a menu that is thoughtful, trustworthy and welcoming. Homer worked for years as Sous Chef of Roebling Tea Room and River Styx, before becoming the Chef and Owner of 21 Greenpoint.Hombre Taco is located in the concourse level of 30 Rock in Rockefeller Center! Every dish we make starts with two words: śe amable (be kind). That’s why our tacos are full of fresh, responsibly raised ingredients that we’re proud to serve you. They also happen to be delicious.Check out Homer's Resteraunts and enjoy the loving experience he has created! 

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