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Episode 5 With Solonje Burnett

av Magical Moments with Jill Lindsey | Publicerades 6/7/2021

On this episode of Magical Moments Jill interviews Solonje Burnett who is an amazing person who is helping shift and change the world!  Jill is so excited about what Solonje is doing in the world of canabis, activism and community and they speak about  all of her magical moments and how they have started with a bridge and ended with a new opening! Love you Solonje!!! Solonje is a Caribbean-American who thrives off our universal interconnectedness, centering self care as the catalysis for community care. Her mission is to give the underrepresented a seat at the table. She works to shatter stereotypes, structural inequities and biased business practices through culture curation, strategic branding, hiring, advocacy and inclusive purpose driven community experiences.Solonje uses her passion for people by supporting small businesses through intentional brand partnerships, educating on social injustices from sustainability to the movement for Black lives and housing rights, while pushing an agenda of transparency and integrity.She’s managed artists, booked private venues and social clubs, executive produced conferences, done brand strategy at innovative startups, designed and implemented anti-racism plans, as well as forged thoughtful partnerships for agencies.Currently, she speaks and consults on social equity, self care, conscious consumption, activism, intersectional feminism, sexual health, racial injustice, discrimination, wellbeing, sustainability, community empowerment and more.She guides healing breathwork experiences at Frequency, hosted Radical Self Care: Cannabis, Wellness & Activism on Afropunk, and sings with the Resistance Revival Chorus – born out of the Women’s March.

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Magical Moments with Jill Lindsey is a podcast showcasing inspiring people and the moments in their life that have created a sparkling moment in time! Our guests are from fashion, art, music, food and business. This show is recorded at the Newsstand Studio at Rockefeller Center and releases the second and fourth Monday of every month. The Magical Moments Podcast is here to share with you that magic does exist and the stories that celebrate it!