Memory Lane (Tottenham Hotspur Podcast)

E8: Madrid - UCL Final 2019

av Memory Lane (Tottenham Hotspur Podcast) | Publicerades 4/2/2021

During this episode my brother Marcus & friend Ben open up on the most important Tottenham game of our lives and the feelings that came with that. We discuss the far from ordinary ways of travels we had to Madrid and what went on in the city in the days leading up to the game. We also covered a little on the match, as much as we could stomach anyway..

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The Memory Lane Podcast takes a nostalgic look at this grand old team's illustrious past times in the eyes of us, the fans. I'm Kieran, host of the show. I have been lucky enough to travel all over Europe supporting Tottenham Hotspur, with my family and friends for the past 15 years. Over that time the travels helped me realise that the real beauty of football runs so much deeper than just collecting silverware and hopefully this podcast will help to explain why. Memory Lane will be focusing on Spurs's history. We'll be chatting about some of the funniest, most memorable trips and moments my guests and I have had while following Spurs. Each episode will take a look back at a different topic. Keep an eye out for chats on specific decades, famous games and goals, former players, eventful trips and even more eventful managerial eras. I'd love for you to join me on the journey. #COYS Twitter: Youtube: Instagram: