Episode 12: Love Languages & Expectations

av Missheard | Publicerades 1/30/2021

Salaam guys! Episode 12 of Missheard discusses all things love languages and expectations. What's your love language? Are you keen on words of affirmation or is it the bigger the gift the better? Tune into figure out what you would say is your most desired one with your friends, family or spouse! Hafsah and Zara discuss the concept of expectations and whether people naturally expect too much. Also, where do our expectations stem from? All of that good stuff in this episode.  Enjoy!

Om Podcasten

This is 2 regular Muslim girls talking life, deen and everything in between. Here at MissHeard, we understand that women often fade into the background. Our voices are a little more quieter than the rest. Our job is to help amplify these voices. Bringing relevant and beneficial topics to the surface for Muslim women alongside the most amazing guests.