Episode 24: Glamorising The 'Grind'/ Measurements of Success

av Missheard | Publicerades 4/27/2021

Salaams guys! Welcome to episode 24 of Missheard. We are halfway through Ramadan Subhanallah, we pray you have all been making the most of this month InshaAllah! So this week's episode is little deeper than our previous chit chats. Hafsah and Zara talk about whether this generation is glamorising the 'grind' (working hard to achieve a certain standard of living) and if the elements that come with this eg) lack of sleep is something we should be promoting. Following on from this, the girls discuss normalising people's different measures of success and being comfortable with expressing them.  This episode got us all thinking and we'd love to hear what you thought of it too! Our 'Shop Small Support Sisters' businesses of the week are: @solitairelondon - a stunning luxury small jewellery business! thehadeyasisters.com - a beautiful gifting service working to revive the sunnah of giving gifts!   Enjoy the episode guys..

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