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Money Mindful

Shame and Money

av Money Mindful | Publicerades 2/17/2020

Have you ever felt shame because of your money situation? There is often shame associated with not having enough money but also interestingly we can feel shame for having money. This episode will cover: Why do we feel shame when it comes to money? Shame, money and self worth; is there a connection? What can we do to stop the shame around money? This podcast is all about sharing practical information about MONEY. How to make it, how to manage it and the mindset you need to create it. Every episode, host Meaghan J Smith brings you money management tips, education about money, the knowledge you need to take control of your money and inspirational stories to support you on your way to creating the freedom and financial security you desire. Hi there! I'm Meaghan; a teacher and mum who is committed to educating myself and supporting others to grow and evolve to achieve what we want. Financial literacy is such an important skill and yet surprisingly so many of us lack knowledge in this area when it comes to caring for our financial health. You shouldn't have to be a financial advisor to understand money. Let's get information about money out in the open so we can take care of our loved ones and ourselves and never have to worry about money again. Get full show notes and more information here: http://moneymindful.com.au/ep16/ Instagram @moneymindfulpodcast Facebook @moneymindfulpodcast

Om Podcasten

How do I learn about money? What is the best way to manage my money? How can I become financially secure? How do I create a passive income? Why do I never have enough money? How can I save money and still enjoy life? How do I create an extraordinary life and the money to match it? And all importantly - how do I develop a positive money mindset? Welcome to the Money Mindful podcast where we will discuss all these questions and so much more! The Money Mindful podcast is all about creating the space for you to improve your relationship with yourself and money. You can expect to learn about your money mindset as well as practical information about making and managing money from expert guests and regular badass ladies, kicking goals and creating abundance in their lives. Hi there! I'm your host Meaghan J Smith; money mindset and empowerment coach. I help women improve their relationship with themselves and money. How to create change from the inside out, so you can grow abundantly, in both your mindset and wellbeing.