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073 Menopause in the Media - Kaye Adams & Dr Louise Newson

av My Menopause Doctor | Dr Louise Newson | Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre | Publicerades 11/10/2020

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Kaye Adams, a radio and television presenter and regular panellist on ITV's Loose Women. Kaye has recently co-authored the book called Still Hot in which 42 women have written about their own menopause experiences.  Kaye and Dr Newson talk about the ways journalists and the media obtain their information and how, for many years, any information they have obtained about the menopause has been incorrect. They also discuss how the incorrect prescribing of antidepressants is so common for menopausal women and how this can be reduced in the future.  Kaye talks openly about her own menopause experience and the reservations she had. She talks about how she came to consider HRT because she's the type of person who needs to read and ascertain the research, which she found to be so different from what she, like many women, had wrongly been told in the past.  Kaye's Three Take Home Tips: Don't feel like you have to keep your head down and soldier on.  Stand back and take the time to really assess how you are feeling and what you need to feel better. Prioritise yourself and don't feel selfish for taking that time for you! Follow Kaye on Instagram: @kayeadamsofficial Twitter: @kayeadams Facebook: @kayeadamsprogramme

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