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076 Menopause and Employment Law - Victoria Duddles & Dr Louise Newson

av My Menopause Doctor | Dr Louise Newson | Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre | Publicerades 12/1/2020

Dr Louise Newson is delighted to welcome Victoria Duddles, solicitor and Principal Associate at Weightmans LLP.  Dr Newson and Victoria Duddles first met when they were both guest speakers at a Birmingham CIPD event all about menopause in the workplace. In this podcast, Victoria talks with Dr Newson about the employment law implications for employers when managing and supporting women in the workplace who are going through the menopause and in particular how the Equality Act 2010 may apply. Victoria Duddles' Three Take Home Tips for employers: Put in place menopause policies and training and communicate these with your workforce. Make sure the menopause conversation is open for all staff, but especially for those during discussions about performance or absence. There are lots of resources available for employers, from bodies such as CIPD and ACAS. As a manger or even supervisor, you can look at these and educate yourself on how to best support the women in your workplace. Instagram: @weightmans_law

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