No Jumper

The No Jumper Show Ep. 45

av No Jumper | Publicerades 6/5/2020

0:12 Glamping (Glamorous Camping) 2:35 Cam Girl arrives 4:28 Geore Floyd and 1:20:26 New Lil Yachty's tape 1:22:42 Iann Connor vs George Floyd 1:23:48 They try to discrediting George Floyd's story and his family private autopsy 1:25:07 Will Geaorge Floyd tragic loss could be the change of all changes? The ultimate turning point? The domino effect from the Fedex drivers 1:28:37 NY cops to work round the clock 1:29:18 Dreading the elections and are Anonymous tweets real? 1:30:26 Jeffrey Epstein's documentary and his high profile associations 1:33:05 The Prince testimony from the Jeffrey Epstein documentary 1:34:18 Clinton is guilty by association? 1:35:40 Uncut Gems and Julia Fox infatuation 1:39:14 House Phone and Cam Girl explain the beef with Idontknowjeffery 1:40:23 This is not the time to focus on any beef with Idontknowjeffery 1:40:42 Adam wants to know the meaning behind some of the bars 1:41:57 Adam added fuel by tweeting + Idontknowjeffery doing it solely for publicity 1:43:19 Idontknowjeffery just want to get clout, while House Phone really is not amused "He's so corny" Instagram: YouTube: ---- No Jumper News Discord: FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES

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