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Ep 53 - Danelaw Deep Dive with Ruarigh Dale

av Nordic Mythology Podcast | Publicerades 3/4/2021

This week Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with Ruarigh Dale a viking age scholar and archeologist who has done extensive work curating The Danelaw Saga: Bringing Vikings back to the East Midlands exhibition. More recently he also coordinated the World-Tree Project, which created a multimedia archive of resources for teaching and studying Vikings. Ruarigh is here to give his considerable insight on The Danelaw in England during the 9th century and beyond. The answers will no doubt be complicated.  If you would like to check out The World-Tree Project you can find it at: worldtreeproject.wordpress.comAlso check out our Instagram: if you like what we do, and would like to be in the audience for live streams of new episodes to ask questions please consider supporting us on we are trying to add 100 new Patrons! If that goal is met all Patrons will get to be part of a live streamed watch through of the show Vikings with Mathias and Daniel (and maybe some surprise guests). Members of the audience will get to ask questions and have them answered in real time! If you are a bit financially strapped right now but still want to help us out please consider leaving a review on Apple podcasts as that also really helps. Thank you for listening!

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In this podcast Dr Mathias Nordvig (Nordic Studies Professor at University Colorado Boulder) and Daniel Farrand (Co-owner of Horns of Odin) sit down and discuss various topics from the Viking Age and Norse Mythology.