Ep 25: Birth Trauma with Dr Erin Bowe and how it looks or feels different to every women

Birth Trauma is real and couple possibly affects 1 in 3 women.  Birth trauma looks and feels different to every woman, birth partner and even birth workers. In this episode, we wanted to create conversation and bring to light around birth trauma and so we invited Dr Erin Bowe into this conversation. Dr Erin Bowe is a Clinical Psychologist and perinatal psychologist, and transformation coach for women.  She has also previously taught childbirth education with Hypnobirthing Australia. She has 12+ years experience supporting families through the worst traumas imaginable, to find growth, strength and beautiful resilience they never knew possible.  After experiencing her own birth trauma (twice!) she quickly learned how little support and training there is for our birth workers who hear and witness these stories every day.  From this, she developed two birth trauma training courses – one for parents, and one for birth workers. She has attracted over 1000 students in less than 6 months, so this speaks volumes to how much this work is needed.   Her book, More than a Healthy Baby, is due for release in December. This is a beautiful, heartfelt call to action for families to not only find strength and growth after birth trauma but to become the guardians of change in birth culture for the next generation. To work with Erin or to look at the support she can offer you through her courses visit her website https://doctorerin.com.au/ Follow Erin on Instagram @doctorerinbowe To work with Shari Lyon and book an online Hypnobirthing Course CLICK HERE To work with Nicola Laye or breathe with Nicola CLICK HERE

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