Ep: 41 - Lets talk about Sex in pregnancy & Postpartum

We love this topic, its definitely not one that many pregnant women discuss and yet its so important as this was how we created our babies in the first place.. plus the discussion about after birth.. Let's meet Karlyn, The Erotic alchemist  'Karlyn specialises in guiding women through transformational processes, drawing upon her training in Yoni Mapping Therapy, Tantric Bodywork & Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Birth, Breathwork Mastery, Life Coaching and Yoga. Her work is trauma-sensitive and the focus is on soothing the nervous system, integration of unresolved past events and empowering people to tap into their own healing capacity. Her passion is in creating a safe and therapeutic environment to enable people to touch the divine within and know this as their truth. With almost 20 years experience working in the field of complementary health, she holds the space of profound kindness, understanding and integrity. She’s the Mother of a gorgeous and sassy 6 year old girl. Nature and community, spiritual practice and embodiment are the realms which nourish her most. ' To connect with Karlyn www.sacred-alchemy.com.au We hope you enjoy this episode and if you would like to work with us further click on the links below to see our programs:- Shari Lyon - Belly2Birth Hypnobirthing Nicola Laye - Breath Work /Pregnancy Coach

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Nurture Hub is a podcast for women who are planning a pregnancy, who are pregnant & for new mums looking for support, mentoring and connection.  We will be talking to real women just like you, sharing our stories and bringing In the professionals to share knowledge.   We are thrilled and ready to share, laugh, cry. We hope you enjoy every moment.   Love Nicola Laye & Shari Lyon