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12 - Misha Osherovich, Actor/Filmmaker/Activist

av Page To Stage | Publicerades 10/28/2019

Misha Osherovich is a Russian-American actor, filmmaker, and mental health/LGBTQ+ activist. You can catch Misha acting in AMC's new series NOS4A2. He can also be seen in theaters in Warner Bros' new filmTHE GOLDFINCH. Misha's latest short film E.very D.ay is currently screening at festivals internationally. The film is autobiographical - written and produced by Misha - that gives the audience a look inside the minds of people affected by eating disorders and distorted body image. Misha aims to use his platform in TV/film and on social media to speak frankly and openly about body image and eating disorder recovery from the perspective of the entertainment industry, as well as the intersection between queerness and mental health. Previous stage:A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Off-Broadway at New World Stages. In our conversation, we chat about the importance of knowing your body and trusting yourself to speak up when something is not right. Rubberband - the dance show that moved Misha.  Connect with Misha: Instagram or Website Follow us: PAGE TO STAGE: Instagram or Facebook MARY DINA: Instagram or Twitter BRIAN SEDITA: Instagram or Website BROADWAY PODCAST NETWORK: Website or Instagram #PageToStagePodcast

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