Paradise Projects 162

Paradise-Projects tours you around the planet of good music! Join us on our voyage of sound and emotions! Come and feel the Paradise... Paradise Projects 162 01. SEBASTIAN BUSTO - Music 02. SMITTY & DAVENPORT - Perception 03. SAILOR & I - Thinking About You (Thomas Gandey Remix) 04. TUTAN - Eye to Body 05. LANA DEL REY - Summertime Sadness (Mass Digital Remix) 06. SEBB JUNIOR - Keep Me From You 07. CHRIS NEMMO - Urban Legend 08. SCOTT DIAZ - Stay Young 09. SCOTT DIAZ - Dream Big 10. VAUDAFUNK - Russian Caviar Thanks to all the labels and artist for their music. All tracks selected and mixed by Alex Kentucky Encoded by MUSICZONE PODCAST SERVICES

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Paradise Projects is a partnership between creative friends like CUORE TRICOLORE, COMO OELDE and STRANDPUNKT JUIST in Germany, who love the beautiful things in life like fashion, good food, art, music and good vibes. All ideas and projects we live are combined on our website as well as in our Podcast called Paradise Projects and supported with the sound of Alex Kentucky from Ibiza. We think music is a window that opens your heard and creativity. Listen to our podcast, smile and enjoy what happens to your flow. Life is beautiful! Love, your PP