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The power of group therapy

Therapy has been helping Boko Haram survivors and street youth in Liberia turn their lives around. In northern Nigeria, a programme called Counselling on Wheels is offering mobile mental health services in remote and dangerous areas. They’ve been giving Boko Haram survivors and others affected by conflict a safe space to talk about the horrific violence and trauma they have been exposed to. In Liberia, a project called Sustainable Transformation of Youth in Liberia has been using cognitive behavioural therapy and a cash reward to turn young men away from crime. A new study has shown the scheme is working. Presenter: Myra Anubi Producer/reporter: Lucy Burns Liberia producer: Massa Kanneh Production Co-ordinator: Ibtisam Zein Sound mix: Hal Haines Executive producer: Tom Colls Editor: Penny Murphy Image: Counselling on Wheels (Credit: Neem Foundation)

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