The Worst Thing to Happen to my Business

Welcome to Episode 8 of Photography AF. This week I talk about the worst thing that has happened to my business, like actual worst case scenario when it comes to being paid for my work, and it happened during a pandemic!Hopefully this will arm you with everything you need to make sure this situation doesn't happen to you. It's a real drama so get some popcorn ready.Interest calculator: questions? Make sure to email on: Make sure to put PODCAST in the subject line!Sign up to the newsletter: Kaye on Instagram: the show (

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Hello and welcome to Photography AF. A podcast for anyone into Photography and Content Creation. Join Photographer Kaye Ford every Monday where she discusses photography tricks and business tips to aid you in your photography and content creation journey. She also hand picks guests within different aspects of the industry to discuss their journeys and tips in order to reveal to you how to make photography your full time job, how to level up your hobby, or how to be a successful content creator online.