How the Bucket Story Will Transform Your Cleaning Business

“The world doesn't reward busy, the world rewards effective.”- Brandon SchoenThe concept of the bucket story has transformed many businesses all throughout the years.  In any business, it is important for entrepreneurs to innovate and find ways to work efficiently and effectively to be able to see the bigger picture and for the business to thrive and grow. It doesn’t matter if you work hard, but what matters is that you work smart. Wrong systems and actions could affect your business in many ways, how will you be able to do it right this time?In this solo episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen will talk about the metaphor of the bucket story, building the system and strategies to expand and grow your business without having to do so much work but still generating more and more profits. Start thinking outside the box, uplevel your game, and win in the business by listening to this podcast and learning only from the best and experienced!Highlights:[2:28] Building Pipelines, Buckets and Big Picture Thinking for Systems[4:00] Why is it important to work smart, not hard?[5:27] Laying the foundation of one’s system[8:00] A Key towards Success: Building an Amazing Pipeline in Your Business [12:00] Building the Right System: Working Effectively, Not Working Busy[15:00] How a system creates freedom and structure in the businessLinks:Website: Course:

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