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Building a Team from a CEO’s Perspective

Welcome to a very special episode! I’m joined by Anna Binder McAsey who owns Rethink Nutrition. A year ago, she was running a business primarily on her own. Fast forward to now, she’s really grown leaps and bounds as a leader and stepped into her role as CEO, bringing in more people behind the scenes and working with her clients. On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO: 1:31 - What did Anna’s business look like in early 2020? A quick overview and changes made since. 6:32 - How did Anna learn to let go of control as she built her team? 11:30 - Seeing the value in bringing on people with different specialties to your team. What nuances exist between the clients you serve? 16:35 - Anna talks about her mindset shift toward seeing the pros in adding administrative support. Her changing role as CEO. Show Links Rethink Nutrition Rethink Nutrition on Instagram Rethink Nutrition on Facebook The CEO Collective

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