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Defining and Eliminating Burn Out with Melissa Marasia

“You can do it!” If you’re a Gen Xer, elder millennial, or born between those two generations, you’ve heard numerous people say this about women in pop culture and real life. In fact, you were probably raised on the belief that women could do anything: have an incredible career, raise a family, build wealth, etc. Women could have it all! But now you realize that trying to have it all doesn’t feel possible, it just feels exhausting. In today’s episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Melissa Marasia, the MidLife Mentor for Gen X Women. We talk all about the burnout we women face with internal and external pressures to achieve success in work, family, and so much more. On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO: 3:04 - What were girls growing up in the 80s and 90s not being told about “having it all”? 7:11 - Melissa reveals how her own issues with burnout culminated into her current line of work. 11:05 - What causes women headed towards their 40s and 50s to stress out so much? 14:01 - Melissa describes how even women who decide not to have kids still feel the need to compensate. 16:41 - On top of all the other inequality issues we face, women have to deal with this double standard as well. 19:14 - Discover the biggest obstacle that prevents you from making the changes to eliminate burnout. 22:13 - With young kids, I made this simple change in my life to enjoy stress-free mornings. 26:38 - How can you handle the days when you have so many things to do or must interact with many people, especially if you’re introverted or highly sensitive? 30:25 - Take the time to acknowledge this about yourself when you experience burnout. 33:42 - Follow these suggestions if you don’t know what you need or where to start finding your joy again. 36:05 - Has this productivity-driven era driven off our love of hobbies? 40:54 - Avoid this approach if you want to still love what you do as a hobby. Show Links Melissa Marasia, MidLife Mentor Join The CEO Collective waitlist Racheal on Instagram

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