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Increasing Profit and Decreasing Burnout: A Case Study with Sarah Young

Undercharging and over-delivering can be a challenging habit to break. You have to come to terms with the idea of increasing your prices and overhauling your packaging structure.  If you’re like my guest today and feel nervous about raising your prices, then listen up because I have a real-life case study for you! I interview CEO Collective member Sarah Young about her journey over the last 18 months where she increased her price points, decreased burnout, positioned herself differently than other bookkeepers and CPAs, and now enjoys her business more than ever. On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO: 6:15 - What did Sarah’s business look like before she joined The CEO Collective? She reveals what prompted her to get into business for herself. 10:11 - Sarah feels like her pricing story is a little embarrassing, but she tells it anyway. Everybody has the same struggles, especially women. 14:27 - After some research, Sarah started raising her prices but still found herself burning out. Then something happened in January 2021 that changed her business. 21:28 - What did existing clients think after Sarah raised her price points? She discusses repackaging herself for higher-paying clients and framing a response to those who could no longer afford her. 27:13 - Sarah reveals something she had to come to terms with as she rebuilt her business from the ground up. 28:48 - Where did Sarah find higher-level clients willing to invest at her prices? If you think it’s super complicated, think again. 32:08 - Sarah shares what she sees happening financially with fast-growing businesses when they underprice themselves. 36:09 - How do you build in profitability in your pricing, especially as you hire and grow a team? Sarah offers her insight. 42:47 - Sarah shares what’s been the best part of being a member of The CEO Collective. Show Links Sarah’s CFO Checklist Sarah on Instagram The CEO Collective Racheal on Instagram

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