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Your Profit Road Map for More Sales & a Truly Sustainable Business

What do you think you need to gain in order for your business to change and grow? Too often entrepreneurs get hyped up to chase vanity metrics like huge numbers of Instagram followers or email subscribers. Ultimately though, gaining five or 10 new clients is all you need to have a massive impact on your business. The simplest, easiest way for getting those clients isn’t something sexy or glamorous. It involves using a real strategy to invite people in, actually connect with them, and let them know how you can help. Continuing on with this series to avoid hustle and burnout, today I talk about the second strategy you need to adopt to grow a truly sustainable business. On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO: 3:27 - I rant (again) about an issue in the business world that sets so many people up for failure. 5:18 - What is a predictable profit plan? It’s key to how I help entrepreneurs break out of the feast or famine cycle, so I walk you through how to put one together. 10:00 - I reveal the most important but least discussed part of a profit plan. If you don’t have this, it’ll break your business. 10:45 - People get so focused on marketing and sales that they forget about this piece of the puzzle and end up with a lot of unhappy clients. 15:00 - What will be your strategies for marketing, sales, and delivery? I use The CEO Collective as an example. 17:13 - Consider this if you have no idea when you should promote your signature offer. I give more examples from my business. 20:14 - Full upfront payment is awesome! But you’ll love extending payment plans to clients for this incredibly powerful reason. 25:04 - How can you ensure that you don’t experience a revenue gap? Show Links   Profit Plan Workbook The CEO Collective Racheal on Instagram  

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If you're fed up with the non-stop solopreneur grind… I'm so glad you've found The Promote Yourself to CEO Show! Each week, join host Racheal Cook MBA for candid conversations about stepping into your role as CEO of your business, the hard lessons learned along the way, and practical, profitable strategies to grow a sustainable business without the hustle and burnout. Listen in to the latest show and connect with Racheal at or on Instagram @racheal.cook to continue the conversation!