Investing Out of Area, Changing Strategies & Replacing Your Income With Rosie Charles

Rosie Charles has been investing in property for 4 years now and created Arch Investments with her husband Allan. They started with single BTL's, then quickly jumped into the deep end of HMO's, with a large 12-bed unit. More recently they are focusing their efforts on mixed-use buildings, but all with an aim to grow their cash-flowing portfolio for the long haul.   In this episode we discuss:   Rosie's journey of replacing her income through property investing. Why she chose to invest 5 hours from home doing different strategies. The ins and outs of her 12 bed HMO conversion and why she wouldn't do it again. Limiting beliefs around raising finance and finding deals. Telling people what you do and holding yourself accountable.   Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email-   Linkedin:   Guests:

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