Pro Golfer Turned Property Investor- Neil Chaudhuri on The High-End Student HMO Model

Neil Chaudhuri is a former England international and professional golfer. He's competed on six different continents and played alongside some of the best players in the world. Like the likes of Rory McIlroy and Jason Day among others. Today at the age of 34, he is the owner and director of Vogue Abode Properties Ltd with his wife Simona. They invest in high-end student HMOs in Leicester and have built a property portfolio worth over £2million.     In today's episode we discuss:   The life of a pro golfer and the transition to full-time property investor. The ins and outs of a couple of his property deals including the figures & returns. How he operates his particular HMO Model. Why student HMOs and how he achieves higher rents than the average. His pro-golfer mindset exercise, that now helps him as a property investor.   Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email-   Linkedin:

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