Property Market Predictions & The Next Crash

When exactly is the next crash?   Will the boom continue or will it bust?   Today I share 5 key indicators and factors that greatly influence the UK property market. The aim is to help you make a more informed decision and your own judgments when it comes to developing and investing in property.   Many of these important factors have shown up during this pandemic and previous recessions too.   Enjoy!   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email-   Linkedin:

Om Podcasten

If you could get access to and sit down with top performers and property entrepreneurs, what questions would you want answered? What lessons and nuggets of information could you take away, whether you’ve been in property 10 minutes or 10 years?  The Property Investing 2.0 podcast shares the insights into the most current state of property investment strategies. Get a deep dive into the behaviours, successes and failures from top investors and entrepreneurs from different strategies and backgrounds. Hosted by property investor, developer and entrepreneur Raj Chengadu