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Episode 41: Egyptian Pharaohs and their Piles of Rocks

av Real Cool History for kids | Publicerades 1/18/2021

If YOU would like an episode dedicated to you for a special occasion, you can find out more by following the link below for details! https://angelaodell.com/2020/12/20/new-in-2021-real-cool-history-for-kids/ Welcome to the 41st episode in the popular podcast show for kids, Real Cool History for Kids, history adventures from a Biblical worldview.  Check out Angela's books here: https://www.masterbooks.com/angela-odell/ Visit her website here: https://angelaodell.com/ All podcast content is protected by copyright laws.

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Amazing stories from history, told from a Biblical perspective. Hey, kids, do you like stories about weird, cool, and just plain awesome events and people in history? If you do, you're going to love this podcast show! From creepy abandoned places all over the world to little-known facts about well-known people in history, Angela O'Dell, author of the history series, America's Story and The World's Story, brings you new episodes of Real Cool History just for kids, twice a month.