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Rookie First-Time Home Buyer Questions Answered by Scott and Mindy

av Real Estate Rookie | Publicerades 3/10/2021

Starting out as a rookie investor means you most likely have a lot of questions that need to be answered before you dive in and buy your first home! Whether it’s a primary residence, a house hack, or an investment property, you’ll need to know about loans, agents, inspections, and more. With us today is Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, co-hosts of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast and authors of the new book First-Time Home Buyer. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular questions asked on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook group and asked the experts their opinions on them. Questions include:Should I use an agent-referred lender or a mortgage broker?Is more or less of a down payment better?Does my agent need to find off-market deals?How do I shop for loans?Would you buy an as-is property as your first deal?And more!Scott and Mindy have definitive answers to each of the above questions and sprinkle in a bit of their own experience, so you don’t make the mistakes they did. If you’re about to purchase a house, getting into the planning phase, or just starting to learn about real estate investing, make sure you get a copy of First-Time Home Buyer! In This Episode We CoverHow to find a lender and how to compare the ones you findHow loan applications affect your credit scoreGetting inspections on your home and using them for price reductionsBuying an as-is property and what that means for your budgetRunning your numbers 3 different waysKeeping a healthy safety reserve, regardless of if your home is a primary residence or an investmentAnd So Much More!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets Money PodcastRose Buckley episodeZillowrealtor.comBP InsightsCraigslistBiggerPockets CalculatorBiggerPockets ForumsMLSHomeReadyHomepossibleUSDA Eligibility MapRedfinYour 48 point DIY Home Inspection ChecklistCheck the full show notes here:

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