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Virtual Assistants, Roach Infestations, and Turnkey Companies with Maria Acosta

av Real Estate Rookie | Publicerades 3/3/2021

Everybody knows someone who has attended some kind of course, workshop, or “guru” consulting. Maria Acosta attended one after watching HGTV, and ended up buying her first rental property from someone at the conference. What she thought she was getting was a turnkey duplex that had professional management and was rented out on both sides. What she actually got was a trashed duplex without tenants and a roach infestation.  Bad luck right? Thankfully, Maria isn’t a quitter, and all that did was inspire her to be more diligent with her future deals. Now, that same property has healthy cash flow each month (and no roaches). Maria has gone on to do a few flips, a couple wholesale deals, and owns 8 units throughout the United States. She’s learned some impactful lessons along the way, like how to fire and hire a property manager, what to look for in a pre-foreclosure property, and how to get a subject to deal under contract. Maria has been through some tough scenarios that many experienced real estate investors would have never dreamed of. Ever had to track down the brother of a partner of a seller who has no address? Maria has done it. Ever had to get a father who is in a correctional facility in another state to sign a power of attorney for a property? Maria has done it.  She’s hired multiple VAs, set them up on a system and schedule to find off-market deals, and created a small real estate empire that is growing day by day. This is what hustle and grit looks like in a rookie! 

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