Amazing Race 33 | The TARpit Week 2

Amazing Race 33 | The TARpit Week 2 We’re back with another episode of the TARpit! It’s week 2 and our very own RHAP Amazing Race experts, Jessica Liese and Mike Bloom, are back! Joined by Taran Armstrong (@ArmstrongTaran), the TARpit team responds to listener feedback about The Amazing Race season 33 episode 3. Race on over to Twitter to follow these hosts: * Jessica Liese @HaymakerHattie * Mike Bloom @AMikeBloomType Share your Amazing Race feedback: Send an email to amazingrace [at] robhasawebsite [dot] com to submit any questions for the TARpit. In addition, share all of your thoughts with us on Twitter by tagging @RobHasAPodcast and using the hashtag #RHAP! For more Amazing Race, check out the following:  Rob Has A Podcast – The Amazing Race

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