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01 | A Conversation on Mental Health with Bruce Croxon

av #realtalk with Cherry Rose Tan | Publicerades 5/19/2020

On today’s episode, we have the incredible Bruce Croxon, Managing Partner of Round 13 Capital. The Co-Founder of Lavalife, an online dating company that exited for $180 million, Bruce is a veteran as both an entrepreneur and an investor.

In this conversation, Bruce reveals the urgent need to address mental health in the tech world. He recalls how the tech community has evolved over the last 35 years. While the tech space has become more inclusive, the pressure to deliver has skyrocketed.

Cherry Rose reveals her struggles as a self-made entrepreneur and first-generation immigrant. A fifth-generation entrepreneur, she shares her high-highs and low-lows of entrepreneurship. She talks about her rock bottom in 2017 and how it inspired the birth of #realtalk.

Can you steel yourself to overcome such personal setbacks?

Bruce also shares his perspective on mental health, especially as a venture capitalist and a mentor to many founders. Enjoy!


  • The importance of ending the stigma on mental health
  • Our shared passion for mental health
  • What we as a community can do to move mental health forward

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