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There is a strong underlying idea that we can’t be happy until we accomplish something. It might be a degree, a new job, a better body or the perfect relationship. And it’s not only tangible achievements like these. We also have the idea that we must reach certain levels of mental and spiritual attainment before we can be happy. The problem with this viewpoint is that it keeps us stuck in the same cycle of “I’ll be happy when…” We keep putting off our happiness for another day — for when we get that thing — and in the meantime, we become frustrated, stressed and unfulfilled. This mentality keeps us from doing the things we want to do for fear of not doing them perfectly or achieving them perfectly or being ready for them. And at the same time, those who do achieve their goals often find themselves still feeling empty inside because they never stopped to ask themselves what they wanted out of life beyond just achieving these goals. How many times have you delayed getting to goal weight? Once you do achieve goal weight, what of it? What does reaching your goals mean to you? In this episode, we want to shine the light on YOU! It’s YOU who can define what you truly want. It’s YOU who needs to appreciate the ups and downs in your journey to good health. It’s YOU who can decide what you’ll make of the experiences along the way, and the benefits of reaching goal weight. This is why I believe that happiness comes from within and not from any external factors. This is why we believe that taking responsibility for your own happiness is vital for enjoying the results of your hard work towards the healthy life you deserve. Tune in to this week's episode to learn more about appreciating the weight loss journey, preparing your mind and body to transition from one goal to another, and ultimately taking responsibility for your own happiness. --------------- Have you seen our new app?  Even when your other social platforms are unavailable we are here for you on the Code Red App www.coderedlifestyle.com/app Lose your first, next, or last 10 pounds with absolutely NO pills, powders, shakes, or exercise required.  Click Below to join the challenge! http://bit.ly/10lbtakedown Be sure to grab your copy of my book, The Code Red Revolution here.  http://bit.ly/coderedbook Grab your very own Code Red water bottle today.  The link is below! https://bit.ly/crwaterbottle Connect with Cristy: Facebook http://bit.ly/cristycoderedfb Instagram http://bit.ly/cristycoderedIG LinkedIn http://bit.ly/cristycoderedLI YouTube

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Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, author of “The Code Red Revolution,” is a speaker, #2 world-ranked boxer (retired), celebrity nutritionist, award-winning personal trainer, and elite-level athlete. In this podcast, I am going to share everything I've learned over the past 25 years in the health and fitness industry. I'm going to leverage my experiences as a professional boxer, NPC Figure competitor, MTV MADE Coach and celebrity trainer to share only the best and most effective tactics to ensure you achieve all your health and lifestyle goals in record time. Be sure to check the website to learn more about how you can join the Code Red Revolution. www.CodeRedLifestyle.com