Beau & Brandy, Sailing Saorise - Sailing - The Ocean Cruisers Podcast - Chat 23

Welcome to the Ocean Cruisers Podcast, hosted by Andy HThis week we are speaking with Beau & Brandy from the Youtube Channel Sailing Saorise.Beau & Brandy in 2016 decided to sell everything they own, quit their jobs and move to Florida in pursuit of a new life, they chose a 1971 Pearson 35 as their new home.Their new home needed a complete refit so they spent two and a half years getting their boat ready, installing an electric motor for propulsion, fibreglass work, cabinetry, electrical and a new solar power system.In 2018 they set off from Florida and have been slowly making their way south, enjoying the Beaty of the Caribbean, completing a lot of boat work along the way and saving a lot of animals in their spare time.You can learn about Beau & Brandy on their YouTube Channel, Beau & Brandy Sailing us on Instagram, Facebook, watch the interviews on Youtube and download the audio on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.You can follow our social media pages and interact with us by checking out the link below:

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My name is Andy, I have been speaking with sailors for a while and now we are about to embark on our own journey. We are about to embark on a circumnavigation and intend to bring guests aboard to learn about sea faring life as we go. Follow us on Instagram and the Facebook page to check out my travels and also the guests.