186. The Rise of the Self Storage Industry w/ Steve Mirabito

Self Storage hasn’t always been the real estate class that we all know today. It’s one of the youngest and was originally developed under drastically different circumstances. Cities often approved storage to gain an income producing property that didn’t stress the infrastructure by adding more traffic or population.  Understanding the key changes from how storage started and how it got to where it is today will shed some light into what exactly affects the demand, markets, and revenue. What makes it tick?  Today, we’ve invited Steve Mirabito, President of StoragePRO, Inc and a board member of the world’s largest Self Storage Co-Op, Storelocal. He has been in the industry since the early days, and his experience in the industry is unmatched. We’ll be talking to him about what it was like when he first started out, and how the industry has shifted over the years.  Find out more about Steve: https://www.storagepro.com/  Our partners: Live Oak Bank - liveoakbank.com/incomepodcast Tenant Inc. - https://www.tenantinc.com/ Janus International - https://www.janusintl.com/ Grab my audiobook Growing Wealth in Self Storage for FREE: https://www.selfstorageincome.com/free-audiobook  Want to invest in storage without dealing with the day-to-day operations and management? Learn more about our syndication company Cedar Creek here: https://www.cedarcreekwealth.com/  

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