Episode 166 - Safety, Trust, and Vulnerability

The 3 keys to any healthy sexual relationship are safety, trust, and vulnerability. And they all build on each other. If we don’t feel safe, we can’t trust our partner, and in turn, we can’t be completely vulnerable with them if we can’t trust them. That’s why we’re talking about safety, trust, and vulnerability in this episode. Let’s find ways to help you be courageous and choose to trust, feel safe, and be completely vulnerable with your partner.

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As a Certified Sex & Marriage Coach, and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Amanda Louder helps conservative Christian women love their sex life! In this podcast, Amanda helps women embrace their sexuality so that they can become the woman they were created to be. She teaches you how to integrate sexuality into your marriage in a loving and healthy way, get rid of the drama and negative emotions around sex in your marriage, and develop a better relationship to yourself, your spouse, and your sexuality.