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Sleep Tight Stories

Mr. Nighthawk

av Sleep Tight Stories | Publicerades 3/10/2020

Kiddie Katydid is back and in this adventure he is being hunted by Mr. Nighthawk. Mr. Nighthawk is a very smart night wanderer. On this particular night Mr. Nighthawk hears Kiddie Katydid making noises and decides Kiddie would make a very tasty snack. Kiddie tries to stay perfectly still so that Mr. Nighthawk will not see him but Mr. Nighthawk finds Kiddie and tries to convince him to a show Mr. Nighthawk what a great jumper he is. Will Kiddie jump for Mr. Nighthawk? Or will Kiddie find a way not to?

Om Podcasten

Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales, folk stories, classic Canadian works, and original stories written by guest authors. Each episode is usually less than 20 minutes long, and safe for kids of all ages.