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Sen. Rob Portman on Biden's Infrastructure Proposal, Tesla Crash Investigation & Cannabis Crypto

av Squawk Pod | Publicerades 4/20/2021

GOP lawmakers are pushing to shrink President Biden’s more than $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) discusses his pitch to pay infrastructure reforms, potential bipartisan support on gun control, and keeping the crypto community out of the legal shadows. In the wake of a fatal Model S crash outside of Houston, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied that “autopilot” features were responsible. CNBC’s Phil LeBeau discusses the two federal probes investigating Musk’s claims. PayPal’s Venmo will now let users buy, hold, and sell bitcoin and other digital tokens, a potentially significant step toward moving cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Homeowners in the United States likely saw their property taxes jump. CNBC’s Robert Frank reports how much more Americans are paying and who’s feeling the most pain. Plus, CNBC’s Frank Holland shares the green behind the green: a look at the marijuana marketplace on the famed 4/20.

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