Episode 172 – Ladey Adey – Your Book Is Your Friend…

How To Improve Your Business Networking Capabilities with Ladey Adey The first step towards improving your business networking is understanding your WHY and building your product around it.  People want to know the WHY, not the what or how, before they can hire you. It is always about knowing what your audience wants and providing them with what they need. Put yourself out there and network with your people to build relationships that can lead to business. This will help you understand their motivations and needs and how you can provide the best service to build a loyal customer base. Networking is not just about connecting with people; it’s also about understanding their needs and being able to provide the best service or product to them.  Join the conversation with Ladey Adey, a publisher, author, motivational speaker, host of the Ladey Adey Podcast, and lover of books since childhood when books were her friends. Ladey started her career as a typesetter for a printing company and editor of their in-house magazine. Her career then moved to the Charity sector, where she held CEO and Chair positions. Alongside this, she ran her own business in education, secretarial, and networking before writing her first book, Unfrozen, in 2014 and rediscovering her love for words, books, and authors. Today, she heads up the Non-Fiction book department and mentors people to write and publish their books. Tune in! In This Episode, You Will Learn About: [00:01] Introduction to the show  [00:54] A bit about today’s guest, Ladey Adey [01:50] About Ladey’s podcast Ladey Adey podcast  [03:27] Ladey’s perspective on reading more and the benefit you get [05:56] What inspired Ladey into author, professional speaker and publisher business  [13:23] Ladey’s favourite drink, coca cola, and how she like it  [14:46] The significant achievement that led Ladey to write her 10th book on Networking [17:51] Strategies that you can use to improve your networks  [22:24] Ladey’s rebranding shift and how it changed her business  [25:49] How to reach out, connect and learn more about Ladey [26:36] The reasoning behind Ladey Adey unique name [27:13] Key golden takeaway from Ladey for the listeners  [31:23] The book that Ladey would be reading when having her next drink [36:52] Episode wrap up and call to action  Notable Quotes * For most of us, we’re not natural networkers; we evolve as networkers*  People want to know the WHY, not the what or how you’re doing something. * No matter what it’s, it comes back to taking the first step and doing it.* The first step is the foundation, and it’s not necessarily as good as the steps we take when we get to a thousand steps. Resources Mentioned; * Successful Business Networking Online by Ladey Adey: https://www.amazon.com/Successful-Business-Networking-Online-Entrepreneurship/DP/1913579182* Portable Magic by Emma Smith:https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Magic-History-Books-Readers-ebook/dp/B09SKXL8BT* Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems: https://www.amazon.

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