Episode 174 – Kris Ward – Business Should Support Your Life, Not Consume It…

Growing a Business Without Your Active Involvement. Lessons I have Learned- Kris Ward When Kris started her business about 12 years ago, she pushed herself to the limits by working insane hours. She was so focused on achieving the two-year threshold prediction for a business to pick up. However, she took a paradigm shift, and after re-evaluating every bit of the system, she started working 6 hours a day from 16 hours. Her husband will later be diagnosed with colon cancer leading to his demise a couple of years, and that made her take a full-time break away from the business. When she returned, her business had exponentially grown, and the existing clients had no idea of her absence. Whether this can only be attributed to a strong foundational business system is a secret you will know in the conversation. Listen to her story and the lessons she has learnt along the way.  Kris Ward is an author, podcaster, coach, speaker and the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy.  After losing her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist.  She was relieved that her business had not only survived her absence but was growing. Kris has completely changed the landscape for entrepreneurs by sharing the successful practices that allowed her absence. Kris has shared the stage with Jack Canfield, Kevin Harrington, James Malinchak, Sharon Lechter and Joe Theismann – NFL All-star and commentator, to name a few.  Kris has also been featured on award-winning podcasts, radio and TV shows. Tune in! In This Episode, You Will Learn About: [00:24] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest [02:57] Kris’s favourite personal figures she has shared the stage with [04:27] Her backstory with coffee and what she’s sipping during this conversation  [06:38] Her all-time favourite drink and why [08:41] Lessons she has learned from her business growth without any active involvement  [11:27] What she has currently been fixing in the business [12:44] What a ” winning circle” means to a business model [14:19] The concept of “Win the hour, win the day.” [16:18] How you can reach out and connect with Kris [17:29] This episode’s golden takeaway nuggets from the guest [25:41] How you can break from the cycle of society’s scripted culture to achievement  [27:41] Do you feel insecure about taking a break from your business? Here’s Kris’s advice [30:16] Book she would enjoy reading while having some lemon water in a dream location  [31:27] Episode summary and call to action Notable Quotes * Always strive to learn something from anybody.* A business should support your life rather than consume it. * The endgame of any entrepreneur is getting to understand how to get the ideas to execution.* If hard work was the answer, you could be where you wanted to be right now.* If you don’t plan, life will plan you for something else  Resources Mentioned; * Win the Hour Win the Day– Time Management for Small Business by Kris Ward: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DGZ3N8K/ * Oversubscribed: How To Get People Lining Up To Do Business With You by Daniel Priestley:

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