Episode 177 – Michelle McGrann – Behaviour Elements & Ah-ha Moments…

Going Past Your Doubts to Implement the Changes You want to See || Michelle McGrann Doubt is a natural part of life. We doubt ourselves, our abilities, and the capabilities of others. It’s a difficult feeling to overcome, but there are steps that we can take to help us past our doubts and move forward with making changes that we want to see in our lives. Today we are excited to have Michelle McGrann in our show. With a unique background in communication and leadership and over a decade in entrepreneurship and organizational management, Michelle has traveled the world, helping individuals and organizations learn the skills necessary to create change and behave more intelligently. Using a blend of experience, research, and behavior-based skill development, Michelle helps break complex concepts into useable approaches to improve outcomes. Her personal and authentic speaking style motivates and empowers participants to move past self-doubt and implement the changes they want. Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in communication studies from Wayne State University. She has also served as a participant and a coach for competitive speech activities. As an NDT/CEDA policy debater for Wayne State University, she won multiple awards for competitive success and speaking skills. She coached multiple high school state champion teams and nationally competitive college teams. Michelle is quick to lend her leadership to various civic and social organizations outside of work. She has served in multiple leadership roles for JCI, a global NGO. She designed and delivered multiple courses to help develop their members. Michelle’s passion for assisting people and organizations discover “AHA!” moments come through in every session she gives. Michelle truly takes an audience-centred approach – utilizing best practices in communication and instructional design principles. She dedicates herself to providing the value clients seek, taking painstaking effort to customize her approach to help them achieve their goals. Tune in! In This Episode, You Will Learn About: [00:24] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Michelle McGrann [02:21] The industries and sectors that Michelle works with [04:20] Michelle’s love for coffee and how she likes taking it [05:50] Favourite brand of coffee that Michelle loves [07:27] The latest aha moment in her endeavours to help people [11:25] Becoming vulnerable during self-assessment [14:14] How she’s preparing to hand over the baton when the time is due [17:17] Leadership is not compared with age, but experience [21:11] How you can reach out, connect and learn more about Michelle’s work [22:23] How today’s leaders differ from leaders of the past [25:00] Golden takeaway nuggets from the guest [28:19] A dream location she would enjoy chilling with a dream person [31:15] Episode summary and call to action Notable Quotes * Leadership is not measured by age. It is measured through experience.* You do not need people’s approval to pursue your potential. Do it anyway!* You can always learn something from anyone. Everyone’s input is important.* You can get all the knowledge you want, but implementing it is where the rubber meets the road.* Fail fast and fail often. Resources Mentioned; * Fail Fast,

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