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GameStop (GME) Part II - Stock Synthesis, Robinhood, and Market Volatility

av Stock Stories | Case Studies and Mental Models for Individual Investors | Publicerades 3/3/2021

GameStop has made some waves in recent weeks.  Last week we talked about the general business, including its history and overall business models and financials.  Today we wrap up our analysis of the business, discuss what a short squeeze is, and talk about the recent market volatility surrounding the stock.Today’s Sponsor: FinnyvestAt Finnyvest you can get an unbiased, rules-based bull- and bear-case analyses of US stocks and funds. Rules-based in key—as the same criteria are applied to all stocks (or funds)—so you know you’re not getting just another person’s opinion. The Finny Score then tallies up the bull- and the bear-case using a simple scoring methodology between 0 and 100.Just go to askfinny.com/link/alex to try Finnyvest for 7 days for free, and get 20% off the regular price (just $80 for an annual subscription).  Enjoy the show?  Rate and Review: Apple Podcasts (iPhone)Podchaser (Android)Let’s connect! Instagram: @stockstorytellerTwitter: @stckstrytellerEmail: alex@stockstoriespodcast.com.

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