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Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) Part I - Beginnings Of The World's Favorite Non-Cola

av Stock Stories | Case Studies and Mental Models for Individual Investors | Publicerades 1/27/2021

Dr. Pepper began as a pharmacist’s concoction in the small town of Waco, TX.  Over time its popularity grew and spread around the United States.  Other brands like 7-Up and Schweppes also grew in influence.  These brands, and many others were combined and broken up again various times and corporate influencers fought for control over the soda market.In today's episode we cover the history of the carbonated beverage business that ultimately became one half of Keurig Dr. Pepper.  Check out these related episodes:Coca-Cola (KO) - Episode 39PepsiCo (PEP) - Episode 41Let’s connect! Instagram: @stockstorytellerTwitter: @stckstrytellerEmail: alex@stockstoriespodcast.com

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