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McCormick (MKC) Part I - The Spice Trade and Historical Significance of Seasonings

av Stock Stories | Case Studies and Mental Models for Individual Investors | Publicerades 3/24/2021

Aside from the commodities we know them as today, spice and seasonings were once fought for by kings and treasured by merchants.  They were the precursor to modern currency and have spanned all cultures across the globe.In the modern era, McCormick is one of those companies that focuses on selling spices, seasonings, and related products.In today's episode we cover the history of the spice industry as well as the history of McCormick & Co.Enjoy the show?  Rate and Review to share your thoughts:Apple Podcasts (iPhone)Podchaser (Android)Connect with me: Instagram: @stockstorytellerTwitter: @stckstrytellerEmail: alex@stockstoriespodcast.com.

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