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Beauty & Trauma with Dr. Curt Thompson

We're sitting down with Dr. Curt Thompson for a conversation on the unexpected places where trauma and beauty meet. Curt is a psychiatrist and author whose work inspired significant portions of Suffer Strong. His transformative teachings on paying attention to what we remember in order to  anticipate the future with hope have been a guiding principle for our second-chance lives, and have prepared us to recognize the beauty in every broken thing.

Om Podcasten

Do you believe you can thrive—not just survive—in your current circumstances? Join Katherine and Jay Wolf—survivors, authors and advocates—as they disrupt the myth that joy can only be found in a pain-free life. They’re inviting you into candid conversations with practical insights from a life they never imagined living. With unexpected humor and powerful vulnerability, we’re redefining everything together, from beauty to community, failure to calling. Join us on the Suffer Strong podcast.