I Dream of Cameras #32 We Gotcha Covid

Happy birthday to our patient patron Graeme! Gabe’s COVID ordeal A magical mailbag! Gabe’s recent shooting adventures: a daylong shoot with actor Brenton Thwaites, and Retta’s pink party Jeff’s been a-travelin’, so let’s talk about the travel-camera conundrum. His favorite is the Olympus XA4 Macro — what's yours? Visits to two great camera shops: Unique Photo in Philadelphia and B&H in New York In a stunning development, Gabe got a half-frame camera, a Canon Sure Shot Multi Tele — how does half a cookie taste? copy stands are insanely expensive, so after much searching Jeff found a Durst F30 on Craigslist — it's the enlarger he learned on, and now the world’s cheapest copy stand We regret to inform you that Polaroid is at it again, with wildly overpriced Saint Laurent cameras and film — damn you!! Clare Marie Bailey gave Jeff a print of her exquisite photo “Memories of Summer” - print and hang your stuff, swap with other photographers, physical media is nice! Looking for an inexpensive way to shoot Nikon glass? Don’t sleep on the Nikonos!

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