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Business Digital Marketing with Aron Murch

Aron Murch is a digital marketing expert, a partner at 2H Media, a people-first agile marketing company that helps small businesses become big. It focuses on developing productized solutions for common business problems. Aron is also a serial entrepreneur.   In this episode, Aron sheds light on the various aspects of digital marketing, advises businesses on the need to adapt to the changing digital advertising trends, and shares platforms that can help in business growth.   About 2H Media Aron tells us that 2H Media helps small businesses in all aspects such as: Consulting Connecting them with government grant programs Basic and local SEO Helping brick and mortar create e-commerce presents. Since COVID-19 has changed the business landscape, Aron’s agency helps businesses understand what tools are available through educational workshops. Why Digital Marketing? Aron says that he has been in digital marketing his entire life because his parents were entrepreneurs, and he had to follow in their footsteps.   He got involved in the family business at the early age of 12 years, and after high school, he was running the marketing for the company.   Aron tells us that his marketing journey began when he started to think of ways to expand the market for their family business.   E-commerce Aron enlightens us on the concept of E-commerce. He says that it is just a tool that helps you sell your product to a wider audience. John’s agency helps businesses understand the difference between marketing on platforms such as Amazon and having their own Shopify website. They further guide you on the basics of customizing a website to your preference and how to add and remove products from a catalogue.   Superpower ‘’I have no ego in my work, when connecting with the right people, and listening to other entrepreneurs.’’ Quotes Keeping the ball rolling is all that business is about. The goal is always to reach that next step.   Tune in and get a deep insight on these topics:   [00:29] 2H Media [03:15] What are the charges for the workshops? [06:04] John’s favourite platforms for business growth [10:12] E-commerce as a tool [12:14] Do you need a personal business website? [17:26] Making big purchases online [21:05]  2H Media’s steps towards business growth [23:45] Recommendation to entrepreneurs     Connect with Aron Website LinkedIn Twitter

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