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Christine McAlister: Turning Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Income

In today’s episode of Super Entrepreneurs Podcast, we have Christine McAlister. She is a business coach and the founder of Life With Passion, a company that helps entrepreneurs use their unique gifts to earn a living. She has also written a book called The Income Replacement Formula:  7 Simple Steps To Doing What You Love and Making 6 Figures From Anywhere. The book is available on Amazon. Today, she speaks to us about creating a business around passion. Tune in to listen to the discussion about:     Life With Passion Christine says that Life With Passion’s mission is to help people break from the 9-5 employment system and create a business around their passion. It was established to empower people all over the world through the vehicle of entrepreneurship.   Superpower Her superpower is simplicity. She also helps make it simple for people venturing into entrepreneurship. She says most people come to the field feeling it’s going to be hard; they don’t have enough time and have no idea where to start or do next. She, therefore, helps people know exactly what to do, even with the little time they have.       Choosing a niche Christine also shares a few tips on choosing a niche that best suits you and can work easily. She says knowing what you need to do is key. Although you may feel like wanting to help everyone, having a specific niche is important. With over 4 billion people on the internet, she says any niche you go with has plenty of people.   Resources She also shares the resources she uses to help people break away from the 9-5 system. Christine has a podcast, online courses, and she is also an author of a book that is available on Amazon. She insists that what matters is the level of accountability you’re ready for with all these resources. She also says having a coach, strategy, implementation, and clear mindset is necessary if you want to think like a million-dollar business.   The gift of passion The gift of passion is given to us to improve our lives, and we can create anything we want from the gift of passion, mindset, and intuition. People just don’t realize how. This is why people need proper training, she says.   Looking into the future Christine also shares her plans, revealing that she is adding two salespeople to her business for the first time. She is also planning to write more books and teach people how to grow organically without marketing.   Quotes “You need high-level support, accountability, strategies, implementation, and mindset to learn how to think like a million-dollar business.”   “With over 4 billion people online, any niche that you have, there’s plenty of people for it.”   “The more money we help more people make is going to flood the charity, NGOs with additional resources.” [00:30] About Life With Passion [00:40] Superpower [01:40] Making it simple [05:40] Choosing a niche [07:20] Breaking free from 9-5 [13:00] Gathering the resources [19:00] The gift of passion [20:55] Changing the mindset [27:50] Looking into the future [29:50] About her book   Links Connect with Christine On: LinkedIn - Website - Facebook -    

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