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Empowering Senior to Middle-Level Managers and Small Business CEOs with Roxana Radulescu

Have you met leaders who lead because they feel like they are leaders and lead by giving orders and demands? We need to talk about leadership more and empower leaders. As a leader, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to nurture yourself first before you nurture others. In this episode, we have a lady who has dedicated her life to empowering senior to middle-level managers and small business owners. Meet Roxana Radulescu. She is the owner of All Personal. Her goal is to help corporate managers and small business CEOs become dream bosses and build dream teams. Roxana and I will be talking about leadership and how she is impacting the leadership world. Listen in and learn. Working with Roxana  Many people shy away from coaches because they are afraid that they may not afford to pay them. With Roxana, things are different. Roxana takes her time to understand you and your business for the initial conversation without charging you a dime. Once she gets to know you, she tailor makes something that suits your budget. Roxana prefers to work with your budget other than not serve you at all. If you need help with your hiring and onboarding process, reach out to Roxana.     Roxana’s Online Program Roxana has online courses that people can pick and choose depending on what they want to learn and their priorities. Also, she has group coaching meetings every week. They meet once a week. If a group member is not available, they can submit their questions, and they watch the recording afterward. Roxana invites inspirational speakers to the group meetings to spice up things to inspire the group members and give them new ideas on how they can become better leaders. What is Leadership? According to Roxana, leadership is not about hierarchy. Leadership is about legacy. What are you leaving behind that other person can benefit from, even when you’re not there, or especially when you’re not there? When a leader is absent, it is when you see their real power. If your empire is going to crumble the minute, you’re not there. Then something is not right in that equation. Time Stamps: [00:30] Getting to know Roxana [03:57]Working with Roxana [12:32] Roxana’s online leadership program [19:56] Roxana’s ted talk Quotes: “If you want people to perform, you want to let them know what you’re going to be measuring them on.” “I’d rather help you as much as I can help within that budget than not help you at all right.” “You can’t pour from an empty cup, you need to take care of yourself first.” “I don’t believe in the type of leadership where the leader is isolated at the top and everybody expects the leader to know everything and do everything. Leadership is about team leadership. Who can take the helm and when.” “To me leadership is not about hierarchy. Leadership is about legacy, what are you leaving behind that other people can benefit from?” “If your empire is going to crumble, the minute you’re not there, then something is not right in that equation.” Connect with Roxana Radulescu: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email: Linkedin: Podcast:

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