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Zero to Millionaire with Dana Wilde

Happiness is a path, and it is practical. Whenever you feel stuck or frustrated, always let happiness be your first stop. Many of us do not understand what happiness can do for us in every aspect of our lives. Our mindset can make us move mountains, but we hardly allow ourselves to get there. In this episode, we have an amazing lady joining us. Her energy is out of this world, and her positive mindset is something to admire. Meet Dana Wilde! Dana and I will be talking about training the brain and happiness. Also, she will tell us how she got from zero to millionaire. Are you ready to shift your mindset? Tune in. Zero to Millionaire Dana lived overseas for 10 years. She came back to the US when she was 38 years old. She had no job and no resume since she was living in a backpack for 10 years. She had to do something. She had a part-time job in the film industry, where she worked as an assistant director and built her business. After doing her homework, she discovered that nobody was teaching about mindset. Her findings inspired her to write Train your Brain and  she taught it to her team. In 19 months, they went from zero to a million dollars. She sold that business, started another one from scratch doing the same thing and the business prospered. Your Words Can Change Situations Often, we find ourselves using negative words because of the situations we go through. One day, Dana’s team member called telling her things were not working out for her. She was doing a good job of making sales and booking parties, but the hostesses kept on cancelling the parties. She complained of the unreliability of the hostesses. Dana was invited to try a different set of words like “my hostesses are reliable” for 72 hours and sure, things started working out for her. Your words have the power to change a situation for the best or the worst. Four Steps to Changing your Mindset Train your brain to wake up- when your brain is awake, and you’ll be in a position to catch negative thoughts when they start creeping in. Decide if you want your reticular activating system to keep matching the negative thoughts. Please find a way to talk about the current situation in a way that it feels good. Once you start feeling good about your situation, feel the positive emotions that go with the situation. Dana’s Inner Super Power Dana’s inner superpower is definitely a positive mindset, optimism, and propensity. She believes her positive mindset is something she was born with.   Timestamps [00:44] How Dana got from zero to millionaire [10:13] The power of knowing [13:25] How you can change things around with just words [20:35] Four steps to changing your mindset [38:33] How to activate your RAS [43:53] Dana’s inner superpower Quotes “Your brain is your absolute best friend. It will do whatever you tell it to do.” “There’s never a time where you get a free pass, and you don’t get to do the work. You always have to do the mindset work. If you want to get to the next level.” “The problem is not the problem. The problem is that I keep thinking about and talking about the problem.” “How do you go from zero to a million dollars in 19 months? You make happiness, your first stop.” “When you’re frustrated, you close those creative pathways.” Connect with Dana LinkedIn - Facebook - Website -

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